The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Bedrooped Bookworms

#2 in Last Survivors series

336 pages, YA/Dystopia/Apocalypse

In this sequel-ish to Life As We Knew It, Alex Morales is a junior in high school in New York City when the asteroid hits the moon.  His dad was away at a funeral, his mom was called into work in Queens, and he is suddenly the oldest left in charge of his two younger sisters.  Devout Catholics, he turns to the church for help, but even they lack resources in this tough time.

Again, I really enjoyed this book.  I wanted so much to find out more about Miranda and her family but you quickly come to like Alex as well and are rooting for him to somehow make it through what seems to be impossible circumstances.  I can’t imagine at 17 having to make all decisions for my siblings and figure out how to feed them without any modern…

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