Another Rumble in Funjungle


BigGame3Big Game by Stuart Gibbs

Teddy Fitzroy’s adventures started a few books ago – first Belly Up, then Poached, now Big Game. Switching between middle school drama and life at FunJungle, a zoo/theme park which is also his home, these stories manage to weave in first crushes, bullies, fun facts about animals, and research on conservation. Big Game continues the exciting ride and throws in appearances from familiar, comic characters like Large Marge and TimJim, the inseparable twin bullies.

This time, Rhonda the Rhino is in danger from someone who might want her horn. (It’s worth a lot of money in Asia for its reputed medicinal qualities, as if it wasn’t enough that she’s endangered and pregnant.) In the past, there were hippo assassins and koala kidnappers to stop. Funjungle still seems ill-prepared to deal with both security logistics and elephant stampedes, although J.J McCracken, its wealthy founder…

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A Pigeon’s Tale by S. A. Mahan

Epic Book Quest

26253761Walter is no ordinary pigeon. A direct descendant from the great war hero Cher Ami, he knows he is destined for greatness from the moment he flees his coop to escape from a dangerous wild cat. Now in the “wild”, Walter must team up with the more experienced birds to learn how to survive.

As winter fast approaches, Walter must find a human family to care for him- and as luck would have it, he finds the very best human for the job in a young college student named Kenny. But is it luck, or something more?

Traveling home with Kenny for Christmas break, Walter meets grandpa, the famous Sir Alfred Jerome, who seems to have known that Walter would be coming all along. A faithful student under grandpa, Walter learns a great many new things, including the fact that the world is in great peril. But what can…

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What is Your Book Marketing Strategy? By Christine Husom

Indigo Sea Press Blog

There are wonderful articles on the many ways to promote your books on on-line venues. Connecting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and author blogs are key marketing strategies. Someday I hope to more efficiently tap into those markets for effective results.

The truth is, with hundreds of thousands of titles being released each year it’s not easy to stand out in the crowd. Another truth is readers like to meet authors face to face.

Here are some things I’ve learned in the last seven years about promoting myself and my books:

Obtain the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of the libraries and bookstores in your state, or as far away as you are prepared to travel. Send them an attractive brochure with information about yourself and your books. When I did this a few years ago I booked a large number of gigs and met some great people who…

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Introducing Anne Toole, author of The Bird That Didn’t Want To Be A Bird

Author Testimonials

“I think the illustrator, Richa, did a great job with the illustrations in The Bird That Didn’t Want To Be A Bird. I really liked the pictures. I thought they were beautiful.”

Anne Toole grew up in Williston, South Carolina. She is a graduate of Anderson Jr. College in Anderson, South Carolina and the University of Georgia with a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education. She taught in a first grade classroom in Augusta, Georgia for 30 years. Ms. Toole has always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. As a child, she loved to listen to nursery rhymes and stories written in rhyme. When she became a teacher, she used nursery rhymes and simple poems in her class to enhance the regular Language Arts curriculum. After retiring, Ms. Toole worked part-time for three years as an ESOL teacher and also began writing stories about children and animals. Most of the stories…

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