100_4290.jpgWhat is writing, if not for the entertainment of both the author and the reader?

Vivian Munnoch is the pen name where you can find my stories which are more suitable to the less advanced in years crowd, aka kids.

Similar to the adult genre stories, these tales also have a vein of darkness running through them.

Much like the once beloved old fairy tales, tales now watered down like a bad soup and mixed with an unhealthy dose of sugar to sweaten them and take away all originality and threat, my stories will more appeal to the lovers of gems like Goosebumps, R.L. Stine, and other spine tingling stories.

Except the stories for the little little ones, those are just silly.

Now grab a stuffy and wrap yourself in a blanket with a soothing cup of hot cocoa next to you, and be prepared to get scared …


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