Review: 5th Grade Screams: The Roaming Dead by Frank Livingston and Janee’ Livingston

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IMG_E6396“‘Remeber how we talked about the type of man you hoped I’d grow up to be in our man talks? Well, I want to be the type of man who fights for kids who don’t have anyone fighting for them-‘” 

5th Grade Screams: The Roaming Dead follows a group of uniquely named kids. Jean, Nix, and new kid Eddy, (real name Earth) live in the town of Bellybutton. After a meteor shower, a non-terrestrial pathogen is released into the atmosphere causing all that died within the last year to be reanimated.

This is a super cute middle-grade read, simply bursting with quirky and unique characters. It’s a story about acceptance and understanding. 5th Grade Screams has valuable lessons geared toward kids but important for all ages. In a simple way, the Livingstons remind us of the importance of bravery and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. It was…

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