Review: Burning

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A book that sears through you and leaves a mark on you forever. That’s how I describe Burning by Danielle Rollins. This book is a mix of Orange is the New Black and sci-fi. The story follows Angela who is at a corrections facility and is trying to be on her best behaviour so she can be there for her younger brother. But the unexpected arrival of a young girl named Jessica and Dr Gruen gets in her way. There’s something strange about Jessica, the doctor and the latter’s elusive SciGirls, and they put Angela in a sticky position, leading to a road filled with danger and loyalty tests, and tying her to the prison more than she likes.

The strong points of Burning are the characters. Angela is snarky and so real, Dr Gruen gets under your skin, Mateo makes you melt and Jessica prickles your skin with goosebumps…

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