The Children of the Red King Book Review

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Midnight For Charlie Bone is the first book of the series Children of the Red King. The author who wrote this book is New York Times bestselling author Jenny Nimmo. The main protagonist is Charlie Bone, a child with the ability to hear the people in pictures and photographs. There are even some occasions where he can travel into them too.The other characters are Olivia Vertigo, Manfred Bloor, Fidelio Gunn ,Emma Tolly ,Maisie Jones, and Alice Angel. Charlie starts to notice voices in is head, but its not voices its pictures. His mom decides to finally tell him about his dad being a descendant of the Red King. So he gets shipped off by his grandmother to Bloor’s academy for endowed children(Don’t get it mistaken for Charles Xavier’s academy for gifted students) .While he’s there Charlie gets asked by a book store owner Julia Ingledew to find her long lost niece that…

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