Perfect Editing Is A Lie

Under-Paid, Over-Enthused

Welcome back to my series on how to edit your manuscript! This is where I suggest how to edit your manuscript in preparation for either self-publishing or querying.

Remember, there’s no one way to edit. If you’re already doing something that I’m not mentioning, or you do something differently, why not suggest it in the comments below?

The first week was all about how to get started, readying both your manuscript and your mind. The second week, we talked about the biggest things you’ll be looking for.

This third week as about the things that are incredibly important, but a step down from plotting and big cuts. These are things that you will need to look for not only in the first draft, but in all subsequent ones, hints that are better taken onboard over time than ones you attempt to do all at once.

Without further ado…

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